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Welcome to SafedEx.ca, an easy way for your shipment!
We offer you the enjoyable sense of shipment! Shipping luggage, moving excess baggage, suitcase or any personal effect from Canada to London, Birmingham and all other major destinations in Europe, Australia or Africa, Asia and South America, special offer available now!     Thanks for contacting the special rate from Montréal to London, Montréal to Paris, Montréal to Brussels, Montréal to Geneva and Montréal to Zurich!:)

SafedEx Inc is an integrated logistics solutions provider specializing in shipping commercial cargo and personal effects, excess luggage; furniture, master art, small packages, international courrier express and so on from Canada to any destination in the world.
The objectives:SafedEx.ca is here for you to find the best way in order to minimum the cost and to reduce the transit time for the shipment of commercial cargos and personal effects.
Example: One cargo leaves Montreal to destination Cameron in Africa, passing by the port le Havre in French, but not New York, then taking another vessel until Douala in Cameron, the invoice could be reduced a quarter or more.
We guarantee: Because of the limit of space and consummation of gas of transport, the airliners reduced strictly the number and weight of free luggage by passenger. How you can bring your excess luggage? SafedEx.ca takes the whole responsibility to guarantee the good price with quality service.

Shipping excess baggage, moving unaccompanied luggage, suitcase, transport boxes, cartons, bags or any personal effects, shipping commercial goods from Montreal Ottawa Québec Toronto Vancouver to anywhere in the world, SafedEx Inc is here for your enjoyable sense of shipment!



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This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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