1. Montreal, Toronto to Europe:

If you ship 300kg and more, you will get 5% discount of the regular price.


2. Exapt for students luggage service:

If you are student in any of university of Québec, you can get 5% discount of the regular price for your shipment.


3. Expat baggages for seniors:

If you are 60 years and more, you can get 5% discount of the regular price for your shipment to France

4. Express parcel to USA:

Your baggage will be moved by UPS Express Saver next day service, from the moment we collect to its destination, arrive next day to New York/NJ and within 2-3 days to the rest of American (Subject to customs clearance) Our ‘door to door’ charges include customs clearance, terminal fees, and local delivery costs. (Where applicable quarantine clearance or customs inspection charges, customs duties and taxes are not included.)

5. Express package, parcel, gift or sample to China (Hong Kong & Taiwan):

Initial fee (first lb) 20$CAD, +6$CAD/ lb after.
a. Personal effects (including all kinds of personal belongings such as clothing, shoes, book, utilities and etc.), commercial sample, letter and dry food health supplement, 20$CAD/lb + 6$CAD/lb after

b. Cosmetics and dry skin care products, electronic and auto parts, 20$CAD/lb Initial +7$CAD/lb after
c. Liquor and all, High value items (with value higher than 100$CAD) 20$CAD/lb + 7$CAD/lb after